Let us lead you on a tour of Mazkeret Batya, now a small thriving town, but once one of the first colonies from the period of the first Aliyah. While walking through the streets of this picturesque town, personal stories, family dreams, and yearnings for life in the Jewish homeland can be discovered. Throughout the tour, connections between the towns of Mazkeret Batya and Zichron Yaakov and to the Rothschild family will be explained.

We will hear about the founders of the colony, those special pioneers remembered and revered as "people of peace and brotherhood". Among other things, we will learn why their homes were once called "Kazarmas", and why the Turkish Pasha was deeply disturbed when they were built. We will see what enabled the settlers to survive and remain committed to their dream so many years ago, a deep and sophisticated Antilles well. There is so much history waiting for you on every street in our town!

We will drop in at the Museum of Rabbi Shmuel Mohilever, one of the founding fathers of practical religious Zionism and the man whoconvinced Baron Edmond de Rothschild to finance the first Jewish colonies in modern Palestine. Included is a visit to Rabbi Mohilever's grave, where you will hear the amazing story of how his remains were reinterred from Bialystok, Poland to our community – and why.

So, it's time to get ready, you are about to embark upon a trip going back
in time nearly 130 years – a journey full of magic, drama, life stories,
history and so much more!