The Midrasha Le-Moreshet Ha-Tzionut (The Zionist Heritage Learning Center) was established in Mazkeret Batya in 1996, after the remains of Rabbi Shmuel Mohiliver were brought to Israel and reburied in Mazkeret Batya's cemetery. The Midrasha is funded by the Department of Torah and Culture the Ministry of Education.

The Midrasha has set a goal: to instill the values of Zionism, along with the love of the Land of Israel. Guided tours having to do with the origins of Zionism, battle legacies, nature and Tanach are the tools that the Midrasha uses to reach this goal. These tours are designated for school children, soldiers, tourists, institutions and families.

In addition, the Midrasha provides tours and lectures for educators, nature based activities for underprivileged children in the area, and day camps for children during times of school holidays. The Midrasha also arranges tours and meetings for the various youth groups in Mazkeret Batya.

The tours, given by tour guides certified by the Ministry of Education, take place throughout historic Mazkeret Batya, as well as in the following areas: the Southern Coast, the Judean Hills and Lowlands, the Carmel, the Gilboa and the Lower Galilee.

The Midrasha's office, library and study area are located in Mazkeret Batya,
on #2 Simtat Ha-Be'er Street.
The Rabbi Shmuel Mohiliver Museum is located at the junction of Rothschild
and Mohiliver Streets. The museum houses an audio- visual presentation
that teaches about Rabbi Mohilever's life. It is also used as a function hall
for the Midrasha's many activities.